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My goal is to meet students at their current level of ability. I do this by asking questions and giving them sample problems to find out where their core math understanding begins. Then I use real-life connections, visual models, and repetition to raise their skill level as well as their self-esteem. My years of teaching experience have helped me understand that teaching is not done with lengthy presentations, but rather a give and take between student and teacher. I have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Elementary math skills such as place-value, basic math operations, fractions, and percents¬†

  • Higher math from algebra topics up through calculus

  • Use of the TI-81 through TI-84plus series of calculators, including writing basic programs¬†

  • SAT and ACT math preparation¬†


I have many current and former clients who are available to share their experience with my tutoring services. Email or call me to get their contact information.